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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm new to the online world. What do I need?

To get a website up and running you need three things: a website, a domain, and a hosting package. A domain is the part you type into the search bar (ours is A hosting package takes your website and domain and pushes it onto the internet. Luckily, we offer all three items!

Is a domain necessary?

One hundred percent. [email protected] is not the image you want your guests to see. A domain will also give you access to things like business email and sub-domains.

Why can't I just use my Facebook page?

Facebook is a popular alternative to a website. It’s also a great platform to interact with customers. However, it’s awful at displaying the uniqueness and design of your company. Using a website and Facebook together is a great balance of interaction and representation.

Why should I have a business email?

A business email is an integral part to establish your professional online presence. It also allows you to divide your emails into different categories like contact, billing, info, etc. Our hosting package offers this for free, as well as easy integration with your existing Gmail account.

How much work do I need to do?

This depends on your needs. Many of our clients need a static website that doesn’t need constant updates. Otherwise, we’ll give you a full tutorial to create blog posts and updates in the simplest way possible.

Why should I choose you over a larger company?

Some mega-company with millions of clients isn’t going to come meet with you in person. Also, there’s a high chance you’ll get more for your money with Students by Design.