About Us

Our Location

From the beautiful Annapolis Valley 

Known for the orchards, vineyards, and tides, we strive to infuse the beauty of the surrounding areas into every website we create.

Since 2017, our team has been developing our skill set to the point of matching the professionals. Affordability is one of our largest goals, and in the digital age, it is the only method to achieve widespread access.

Hence, we begin and end every project with the goal of meeting the specific needs of the client for the cheapest price possible. Not only do we provide services for small businesses, but we also support individuals and non-profits.

Our Students

Our team is constantly changing. While many of us attend local universities, the work is done by whoever has proven experience in that area. Whatever the project is, just know that you’ll have the full attention of multiple students from different backgrounds. An entire team focused on your success is one of our highlights as a company.


Our Company Mission

We strive to make digital solutions accessible to everybody, regardless of what they can afford. We want to make sure everybody has the tools they need to succeed as a person and a company.

100% Powered by Certified Green Renewable Energy Sources

At Students by Design, our hosting packages are completely powered by renewable energy sources, hence reducing our carbon footprint and allowing us to support renewable energy initiatives.

WHo We Are

Team Lead

Hayden Ehler

Hayden Ehler

Team Lead

Hayden is currently attending school at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He has lived near Wolfville for most of his life, creating connections with the community and a welcoming presence.

As the team lead, Hayden meets with clients and manages most of the design process. Otherwise, he works with and hires students with the perfect skill sets for the job, making sure every project is completed professionally and with quality.

Hayden will meet with you and work out the exact requirements of the project, making sure you’re fully guided every step of the way. He personally writes the proposals and follows them faithfully.

Outside of web design, Hayden engages in multiple other tech solutions for valley residents, and provides a low-cost tutoring service to students in need. 


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